ABOUT ME: Muriel Gilbert


In order to inform, You must communicate in PR…

I often work as an Interim Manager, Adviser, Consultant as a selfemployed person on specific missions for short or long periods…

On the other hand, my agency, METAPHORE, is a limited liability company located near the heart of Brussels, the seat of the European Commission.
Incorporated in December 1994, METAPHORE is today proud of its many contacts and references in the Public Relations & events sectors in the Benelux or even in other countries in Europe (www.metaphore.eu).

For me, quality communication means an ongoing dialogue, a personalised follow-up, originality, creativeness, thoughtfulness, a pragmatic approach, trust, professionalism, and achieving the right balance between flexibility and rigour in all circumstances.
It also means securing the services of top specialists when and as required.

People often ask us, Why ‘METAPHORE’ ?
The word comes from the ancient Greek, “metaphora” and originally meant “transfer” or “carrying elsewhere”.
And this is precisely what I propose doing for you: carry your message into a new dimension, open up ever wider horizons for communication !

I decided to create this blog to help companies and people to communicate with the press…
I am happy to give my tips and ideas to help your business to grow…

MY STRENGTH:  I can help you develop and implement a comprehensive communication plan tailored to your Public Relations, Marketing & Branding strategies, Press Relations and Events requirements. From drafting a press release to organising a press conference, from personalised work aimed at enhancing your image to the efficient management of a range of communication supports or e-communication implementation – I shall attend to every aspect of your communication strategy thoroughly and conscientiously.

Check my profile: be.linkedin.com/in/murielgilbert



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